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Tech Soft 3D adds Theorem to its portfolio

Tech Soft 3D just announced that it's buying Theorem Solutions, makers of advanced CAD data translators and publishing tools. I'm most recently aware of their Theorem XR, which builds on their 30 years of repurposing 3D data via translators and publishing tools. At a...

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Autodesk: everything is fine; nothing to see here

A quick update since so many of you have asked: On Friday, Autodesk said it had concluded its investigation into free cash flow and operating margin calculations and that there would be no restatement or adjustment of any previously released financial statements. In...

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Even Siemens’ hardware is going software

Last month, I spent a few days with Siemens at its Karlsruhe facility, home to the Process Automation division (as well as a canteen, manufacturing plant, and I don’t know what else—it’s a massive complex where thousands of people work). Here’s what I learned during...

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Bentley goes Blyncsy for AI

(Sorry - I’m truly terrible at headlines.) Do you remember // did you listen to Bentley’s Q4 earnings call? CEO Greg Bentley was very excited about the potential of the company’s asset analytics offerings, specifically its 2023 acquisition of Blyncsy. You may remember...

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Cadence to buy BETA CAE for $1.24 billion

Wow. Cadence just announced that it is buying all of the shares of BETA CAE Systems for --hold on-- $1.24 billion in a cash (60%) and Cadence common stock (40%) deal. That's a lot of money (IMHO, even for a terrific asset like BETA) - why is Cadence doing this?...

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“Welcome to the Moon”

Yesterday was SUCH a strange day. It started normally enough for a Thursday during earnings season: try to catch up on the earnings released the evening before — while answering emails about them and other recent doings. Oh, and all of the non-earning stuff, too. I...

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Keysight+ESI = so far, so good

We’re deep into earnings season and getting a sense of where things stand. Most PLMish companies seem cautious about the near term, with more optimism about the second half of calendar 2024. I’ll try to do a recap soon, but today, I want to focus on Keysight, the...

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Dassault Systèmes reports Q4 2023, all in on subs

Earnings season is in full flow, and it's time to catch up. Sandvik and SAP told us that the December quarter was pretty good. Demand was better than expected; those projected economic slowdowns, the effects of wars, and supply chain interruptions weren’t as harmful...

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Autodesk moves into proptech with AEC deals

Autodesk announced last night that it will acquire partner company Payapps for an undisclosed amount. Payapps (aka GCPay in North America) makes a cloud-based solution that automates the payment process between general contractors and subcontractors.  Financial terms...

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