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Autodesk’s FQ2 up by almost all measures

Autodesk last night announced results for the fiscal second quarter that surprised almost everyone: revenue of $612 million was up 22% over last year and handily beat analyst forecasts of around $600 million and the company's estimate of $585...

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Altair revenue up 17% in Q2 – wow

Q2 was awesome across the CAE landscape. First ANSYS reported solid performance due large deals and sales across its portfolio and now, Altair reports that total revenue was up 17% (17!!! -- we don't see that very often), with software revenue up 22% (even less...

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ANSYS’ strong Q2 highlights portfolio effect

Note: This blog was written before ANSYS updated its prepared remarks, which lowered the number of big deals from 35 to 27 and the size of the largest from $30 million to $16 million. You can read about that here -- but none of the company's revenue, expense or...

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In DS’ Q2, SOLIDWORKS was again the standout

I have been trying to get time to expand on this brief note, but the news is just coming too fast right now. Here is a summary of Dassault Systèmes' (DS) fiscal second quarter results, reported last week. Total revenue of €840 million was up...

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SAP, ANSYS and digital twins (oh my)

I find it fascinating that SAP is pushing so hard on physics-based IoT capabilities, when it could more naturally come at IoT from the perspective of business analytics. Its partnership with ANSYS is another big step in that direction, adding...

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Quickie: Nemetschek revenue up 17% in Q2

So far we've had PLMish earnings; today, Nemetschek chimed in with a report that shows how well AECish companies are doing, too. Total revenue was €114 million, up 17% as reported and up 21% in constant currencies (cc). Since Nemetschek is a...

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AVEVA continues to roll, we think

Schneider Electric released earnings this morning which now means that AVEVA also does, sort of. AVEVA says that it "made a solid start to the financial year" and that it "maintains a strong balance sheet and saw good cash generation in the...

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MSC + Hexagon: “Where Simulation Gets Real”

"This is where simulation gets real." That’s what Paolo Guglielmini, the CEO of MSC Software, told users in his standing room only keynote at last month’s HxGN LIVE conference in Las Vegas. You might remember that Hexagon acquired MSC in 2017, with the...

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ESI’s FQ1 hints at upward momentum for H2

ESI reported results back at the end of May --travel and US holidays sometimes get in the way of timely blogging-- and they were, at best, mediocre as reported. Currency movements, customers opting for subscriptions and not perpetual licenses, and changes...

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