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10 things I think I think: SOLIDWORKS World 2018

SOLIDWORKS World is always a spectacle of maker-ness, designers competing to out-SOLIDWORKS one another in design competitions and learn from one another. It's, as one speaker put it, nerd-heaven. This year was the twentieth anniversary event and many...

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Quickie: AspenTech acquires Apex Optimisation

I am at SolidWorks World in LA this week, so this has to be brief: This morning, Aspen Technology announced that it has acquired Apex Optimisation, maker of GDOT, a software solution that connects plant operations optimization with Advanced...

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More AECish news, this time AVEVA and Hexagon

Goodness, but the AEC world is just crazy newsy right now. Two quick things: AVEVA announced yesterday that the first 9 months of its 2018 fiscal year were better than forecast due to improved execution, stabilizing end-markets and the signing...

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Bentley, Hexagon active in acquisitions

Right up front: no, Bentley didn't acquire Hexagon and Hexagon didn't acquire Bentley. Both did announce acquisitions today. It was announced in India that Bentley has acquired S-Cube Futuretech for its RCDC software product line. RCDC, RCDC FE, RCDC Plan...

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ADSK + Esri want to rewrite AEC data flows

I wrote recently about the need to start looking at data from a lifecycle perspective, anticipating future needs and uses as well as likely integrations. This brings me back to one of the big announcements at November's Autodesk University: the...

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The Internet of … spinning?

I'm following CES, the Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, from the comfort of home. Many interesting announcements, but one caught my eye: Peloton, the maker of an awesome spinning app and an expensive spin bike, is branching out...

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Happy 2018 — and, optimize THIS

I hope you had a wonderful year-end, filled with people you love. Or tolerate, if that's how you roll. In any event, as peaceful and relaxing as it could be. I've been trying to write a 2017 retrospective and, honestly, the mind boggles. So...

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Oracle to acquire Aconex for US$1.2 billion

Oracle and Aconex announced overnight that the ERP supplier is buying the cloud-based construction management and collaboration software maker for a total of US$1.2 billion (AUS$1.56 billion) in cash. Aconex reported revenue of $161 million in FY17; that...

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Quickie: AVEVA + Schneider closing delayed

AVEVA just announced that it's waiting on one last regulatory approval, from the US Committee on Foreign Investments (CFIUS), before the close if its merger with Schneider Electric's software business. According to the press release, "AVEVA and...

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Quickie: AspenTech acquires Cipher IoT

AspenTech, the company you probably know as a supplier of chemistry simulation solutions for the oil and gas, chemical, pharma and other process industries, just announced that it has acquired, Cipher, industrial IoT-related software from...

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ESI’s Q3 disappoints, but Q4 should be OK

ESI reported third quarter results last week that were, at best, so-so, as revenue declined 7% as reported (2% in constant currency, cc) to €25 million. ESI management says Q3 results "[do] not realistically reflect the considerable...

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Appreciating …

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US, a holiday that celebrates connecting with family and friends (and some darned good food, too). It reminds us to be grateful for all that is in our lives. My list is long, and it includes you -- for reading...

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