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Schnitger Corp. produces written work such as blogs and white papers/ebooks, gives presentations, webinars and training sessions, and generally talks up the need for and uses of engineering and design software. A lot of what we do is strategic work on behalf of clients, so can’t be talked about publicly, but this is a sampling of some of our most interesting projects.

At another event, Monica spoke about the challenges faced in the race for new sources of hydrocarbons. The presentation wasn’t recorded live, but you can read the whitepaper on which it was based.

Or check out webinar on accelerating your design process, here (registration required).

Monica also hosted a series of panels at Bentley Systems’ Year in Infrastructure 2020. You can see them here.


Monica Schnitger has been a featured speaker at user, investor and industry conferences. Many of these aren’t available to the general public but some are. To the left is a recording of Monica’s presentation at AVEVA World Summit in 2016. This was a fun talk; the brief was to discuss how technology drives change — watch Monica rocket through 10 or so trends in 38 minutes!

We also write a lot. In addition to the Hot Topics blog, this is some of the sponsored content that we’ve published over the years:

Monica has also written columns for other publications. It’s always exciting to see our work on a printed page:

  • Economic Engineering:  Open Like A Book
  • UK Manufacturing Review 2015-2016, published by Stirling Media
  • Desktop Engineering, June 2016, Consultant’s Corner, page 6
  • And a series for Digital Engineering that you can follow along with here. Light weighing, CMMs, injection molding, you name it — we  tackle it.

We are also regularly quoted in the media. Here are a few mentions:

— there are probably others.  Please  let us know  if you come across something we  should add to this list.

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