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Cadence on CAE: delight and opportunity

Over the last few months, Cadence acquired NUMECA for its CFD and Omnis offerings, and Pointwise for its meshing capabilities. These took me by surprise since both are great CAE assets that I had no idea a Cadence would be interested in. So I've been digging into it...

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Quickie: Siemens nabs Nextflow for meshless CFD

Siemens just announced that it has acquired Nextflow Software, maker of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solvers. Siemens says that Nextflow’s Smooth-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) solver doesn't require the analyst to create a mesh, making it suitable for non-experts...

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Bentley’s Q1 revenue up 14%, cites SMB progress

Bentley reported results way back on May 11 but I haven't had time to finish a deeper analysis -- so here's a quick piece on those results and a little bit on what it all means. Even more quickly: Bentley's off to a great start for 2021. Some details: Bentley reported...

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Procore finally IPOs; valued at $8.5 billion

No doubt about it: the market for makers of IT solutions targeted at the construction industry is HOT. Procore finally completed its initial public offering yesterday, raising $635 million by selling 9.5 million shares at $67 per share on the New York Stock Exchange....

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Ansys acquires Phoenix Integration & its ModelCenter

Ansys just announced that it has acquired Phoenix Integration, maker of ModelCenter, a tool used by many who apply the principles of model-based engineering (MBE) and model-based systems engineering (MBSE). The point of MBE/MBSE is to automate engineering processes...

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Quickie: Autodesk completes Upchain acquisition

Autodesk just announced that its acquisition of Upchain is a done deal. Many of you have asked about Autodesk's plans for integration of Upchain and Fusion 360 / Vault / Forge -- and we should start seeing more information, now that the teams can actually start work....

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Nemetschek starts strong, Q1 revenue up 12%cc

The Nemetschek Group recently reported Q1 results that point to a recovery in AEC -- and bodes well for Bentley tomorrow and Autodesk later in the month. The details: Total Q1 revenue was up 8% (up 12% in constant currencies, cc) to €158 millionSoftware revenue €55...

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