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Nemetschek goes all in on dTwins

When I was with Graphisoft last month, I had the chance to speak with Graphisoft CEO Huw Roberts and Nemetschek’s César Rodriguez about Nemetschek’s vision of the future, one in which its brands are better integrated (while remaining open to outside third parties) and...

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Altair acquires OmniQuest, maker of Genesis

Just across the newswire (here), Altair announced that it has acquired OmniQuest, a company you may know by its former name, Vanderplaats R&D, maker of the Genesis structural analysis and optimization solution. Altair CEO Jim Scapa said in the announcement that...

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Update: Stratasys + Desktop Metal = not happening

Stratasys held its shareholder meeting today, and, as predicted, management couldn’t muster the votes to approve the combination with Desktop Metal. As a result, Dov Ofer, Chairman of Stratasys’ Board of Directors, said, “We have decided to undertake a comprehensive...

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A quick update on the Additive Ball

Remember how last month there was a will they/won’t they dance going on in the world of additive manufacturing? Well, the dance continues, with news on several fronts. To recap: Desktop Metal and Stratasys had planned a merger, then another company stepped in to say...

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How close are we, really, to AI in PLM?

(Newsletter subscribers: sorry if you're seeing this twice. The first one went out with weird formatting.) Did you hear the news yesterday? My local radio station advised me NOT to rely on Siri and Alexa for help if I need to perform CPR (cardio-pulmonary...

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Partnering up at the Additive Ball

Have you kept up with the Stratasys + Desktop Metal + 3D Systems + Nano Dimension saga? It’s been a captivating will they/won’t they that the striking Hollywood writers might want to turn into a movie when they’re back in the office … 3D printing, aka additive...

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The PLMish VAR economy: mixed Q2 so far

As PLMish earnings start, it’s helpful to look at the results reported by the (very few) publicly traded value-added resellers (VARs). They’re the canary in the coal mine, on the front lines with the buyers of PLMish solutions. They’re also a middleman, buffeted by...

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Can PLM save the planet?

Creating sustainable product lifecycles was a big-stage topic at every event I attended this spring. Presenters started their talks with dire statistics about a planet in peril and wound up encouraging us to focus on those aspects we can do something about. Using less...

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