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Mastercam will be independent no more

CNC Software and its Mastercam have been a mainstay among CAM providers for decades, marketing its solutions as independent, focused on the workgroup and individual. That is about to change: Sandvik, which bought CGTech late last year, has announced that it will...

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More consolidation: Desktop Metal to acquire ExOne

Just off the newswire: Desktop Metal, a publicly-traded company, will acquire ExOne, also public, in a deal valued at $575 million. Each ExOne shareholder will get $8.50 in cash and $17 in Desktop Metal stock for each ExOne share, which implies a 48% premium to the...

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Altair adds S-FRAME for AEC structural designers

Super-quick, because it's that kind of day: Altair just announced that it has acquired S-FRAME Software, a structural analysis tool used by architects, engineers, and designers to evaluate a structure's ability to withstand loads like wind, water, and snow, and meet...

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Altair beats Q2 forecasts and raises 2021 guidance

Altair reported results last week -- and like others in our PLMish universe, they were better than expected. The details: Total revenue in Q2 was $120 million, up 22% and $8 million ahead of expectations. Altair doesn't do the constant currency thing for all of its...

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Quickie: Bentley acquires Imago for image management

That's a simplified headline -- what Imago really does is enable users to catalog and review drilling core and chip (in other words, rock sample) images. A key point in the acquisition: Imago’s machine learning technology that "will lead to a step function in the...

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AVEVA says revenue up 11% in CQ2, excluding OSI

AVEVA gave one of its minimalist earnings updates today, likely because its largest shareholder, Schneider Electric, announced its Q2 results this morning. (Schneider Electric is on a quarterly calendar, with the year ending in December; AVEVA's fiscal year ends in...

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Siemens to acquire FORAN marine design solutions

Siemens just announced that it is acquiring the FORAN software business from SENER, a Spanish engineering, procurement, and construction firm. FORAN's solutions are used in the design and construction of ships of all sorts, and marine structures like offshore oil...

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Hexagon adds location to AR, snaps up Immersal

What’s new: Hexagon acquires Immersal, which makes an SDK that adds spatial location to AR solutions. Why it matters: Sometimes, the location of an AR experience is irrelevant (doing maintenance on a unique item, for example), but in other cases, knowing that this...

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Cadence on CAE: delight and opportunity

Over the last few months, Cadence acquired NUMECA for its CFD and Omnis offerings, and Pointwise for its meshing capabilities. These took me by surprise since both are great CAE assets that I had no idea a Cadence would be interested in. So I've been digging into it...

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