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PTC and Ansys DON’T preannounce

What a strange time, when it's notable that companies just go ahead and schedule their earnings releases as per normal, like PTC did today (for April 29), or craft a special letter to investors that ends with the earnings date, as Ansys just did. PTC's news said...

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How you can help: support businesses that make PPEs

You don't come here for politics, so we'll leave all that aside, and point out that many businesses that are working to make personal protective equipment (PPEs), often without knowing if or how they'll be paid. I found this article in the Boston Globe, which...

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DS announced Q1 will be 2.5-5% below guidance

And so it starts (continues, depending on your perspective); After the stock market in Paris closed, Dassault Systèmes announced that it expects Q1 revenue to be 2.5% to 5% below the low end of its previous guidance, which was for 20% revenue growth. Not all of that...

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At least in AEC, 2020 looks … OK

European companies report preliminary results for a financial year in February and then follow up with a final report at the end of March. Nemetschek and RIB Software reported on schedule (see the reports here and here, respectively) --and 2019 was a very, very good...

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How you can help: print PPEs with Carl Bass

I'll add this to the master list in a moment, but don't want this to get lost (and I haven't figured out how to make that post stay on top, and and and): Ray Kurland emailed me to say that Carl Bass (former CEO of Autodesk and maker extraordinaire) is printing...

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How your tech skills can help in the pandemic

The world may be a sucky place right now, but people are (mostly) awesome. Protocol just published a list of projects that can use your/my/everyone's tech wizardry. That inspired me to go through my inbox and pick out all of the other ones I've been emailed about so...

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AVEVA adds production accounting toolset

AVEVA just announced that it has acquired accounting software from MES Enter to, as the company puts it, "complete AVEVA’s value chain optimization solution". The new AVEVA Production Accounting (fka MES ENTER ErrorSolver) becomes part of AVEVA's Value Chain...

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Totally OT: Capybaras balance oranges

I could (and probably should) write something PLMish but let's save that for later. Instead, I'm going to share a moment of zen, courtesy of HIRO@sea: If you speak Japanese, you can understand the naturalist's explanations;...

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PLMish ideas on whiling away social isolation

Right up front: I'm not qualified to give medical advice so you won't see any of that here. Go to,, or another reputable source for the protocols that will ensure your safety and that of elders and those with compromised immune systems. That said, why...

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Hexagon adds CAEfatigue to simulation portfolio

Coronavirus or not, business seems to crank along, even if at a slower level. Hexagon today announced that it is acquiring CAEfatigue Limited, a provider of fatigue simulation solutions. Hexagon's explanation of why fatigue matters is interesting: they use an...

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Ansys acquires Lumerical for photonics ICs

Ansys just announced that it will acquire Lumerical, maker of the DEVICE suite of component-level simulation products for modeling the optical, electrical and thermal effects in the performance of photonic integrated circuits. What's a photonic integrated circuit?...

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Super-quick, the VIX volatility index is … crazy

I wrote about Bentley's potential IPO a few weeks ago and mentioned that the company had, in its last possible IPO, told me that it looked at the VIX index to help determine the exact timing of a sale of its shares. Not going into that again, but this week's sell-off...

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Hexagon adds Romax for electric drivetrain MBSE

Hexagon just announced that it will acquire Romax Technology Limited, maker of the Romax Nexus suite of solutions for concept design, durability, NVH and other simulations for electromechanical drivetrain design and simulation. Nexus is a cloud-enabled model-based...

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