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I've been talking to a lot of people about how Covid-19 has affected their work lives--often inseparable from their home lives, given the sudden explosion of home offices and homeschooling--and it generally comes down to these three phases. First, we went a little...

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AVEVA enters fiscal 2021 betting on digitalization

As foreshadowed back in April, AVEVA today reported revenue of £834 million up 9% (and up 7% on an organic, constant currency basis, cc). CEO Craig Hayman and Deputy CEO/CFO James Kidd gave a lot of great, additional information on how the world and their business...

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Bentley buys voice-based construction app maker

Bentley Systems just announced that it has acquired NoteVault, which makes voice-based solutions for construction management. Start NoteVault on your mobile device, speak into it, and the app's construction-specific machine learning (backed by human transcription)...

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Stratasys announces a 10% workforce reduction

I just put up the post about no PLMish layoffs -- and Stratasys puts out a press release that says that it will cut its global workforce by about 10%, mostly before the end of June and all by the end of the summer. CEO Yoav Zeif says, “This reduction in force is a...

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Totally OT: Cocktails, curators, The Frick

I've told you before that my favorite museum in the world is The Frick Collection, in New York. I'm late to the party but just discovered that they're hosting a YouTube series on Friday afternoons, at 5 PM ET, where a curator talks about a major work. It's not at all...

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European AEC software: surprisingly strong Q1

Autodesk, the Big Daddy of AEC, reports Q1 results tomorrow so it's time to play catchup on the earnings of its public competitors. Bentley, the #2 player in AEC, is not saying anything publicly right now because it filed (again) for an initial public offering in...

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Quickie: Rockwell completes Kalypso acquisition

Rockwell Automation just completed the acquisition of Kalypso that it announced back in February. Kalypso is a PLM consultancy that often works with PTC products; Rockwell bought $1 billion of PTC's shares and is a deeply embedded PTC partner for the smart factory. As...

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What we learned: IBM, SAP and MuM report CQ1

As I noted yesterday we're starting to get into earnings season for software companies and, as expected, the news is mixed. If you want details, go here for details on IBM's quarter, here for SAP, and here for MuM's results -- following are just my main takeaways on...

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SAP pre-announces, still sees growth for 2020

SAP became the latest company in our PLMish universe to pre-announce results for the quarter ended March 31, and offer some glimpses into how other companies may have fared -- and to what the rest of 2020 may hold. You can read the full announcement here; these are...

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