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MuM says Q1 was strongest in its history

That's a heck of a headline, no? Mensch und Maschine Software reported Q1 results this week that add some details to the head: Q1 revenue was up 18% year/year to EUR 85.41 million, surpassing the previous high of EUR 78.63 million from Q1/2020. Looks like the industry...

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Quickie: PTC adds to codeBeamer to its ALM offer

PTC just announced that it is acquiring Intland Software, maker of codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), for roughly $280 million. PTC says codeBeamer is a "flexible and modern, easy-to-use interface. codeBeamer provides customers with requirements-,...

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Ansys to acquire OnScale

Do you do your simulation in the cloud? Do you want to? Ansys is betting you do ... Ansys just announced that it is acquiring OnScale, providers of a cloud-first simulation platform that, according to OnScale CEO Ian Campbell, "combines the limitless compute power of...

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Bentley acquires ADINA for FEA

Much more on this when I'm back in the office next week: Bentley announced last night that it has acquired ADINA, makers of finite element analysis (FEA) software -- most likely you know of them for ADINA Structures, but ADINA has modules for other application areas,...

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Autodesk to acquire The Wild for XR

Autodesk just announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire The Wild, makers of The Wild and IrisVR extended reality (XR) solutions. Odds are, if you've attended a recent Autodesk University, you've seen The Wild's work in an AEC session: Autodesk and The Wild...

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The VAR economy: Reseller consolidation continues

I don't write about resellers enough -- they are a vitally important part of many users' PLMish experiences, bringing specialized add-ons, training, and other services to make sense of the (sometimes challenging) out-of-the-box capabilities of the products they buy....

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Happy Pi Day!

Today is 3.14, also known by nerds everywhere as Pi Day. This is a (totally made up) day on which we celebrate math, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, designers, analysts, and all who spend their lives working to understand the reality that surrounds us. It's...

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The PLMish world steps up to support Ukraine

A number of design, engineering, and PLM companies are helping to up the pressure on Russia to cease fire in Ukraine, each in their own way and in keeping with their country's stated positions. Below is some of what's been made public; many other companies are also...

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ESI set for reinvention with 2021 up on all metrics

I've been telling you over the last few years that ESI is working on reinventing itself -- going from a services-oriented, our-people-will-find-us mentality to a company that's more outward-facing and market-responsive. That's embodied in ESI's OneESI 2024 strategy,...

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Spectris in talks to acquire Oxford Instruments

Spectris said today that it is in discussion to acquire Oxford Instruments. Spectris, you may remember, is the parent company of HBM nCode, makers of durability and performance analysis software; ReliaSoft, makers of reliability engineering software and VI-grade, a...

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AVEVA gives trading update: all to plan

AVEVA issued another one of its terse trading updates, saying that revenue declined "in the low single digits" from a year ago in the fiscal third quarter of 2022 (ended December 31, 2021), "given a very strong comparator in the prior year that included the benefit of...

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Altair gets into PLM with Cassini acquisition

Altair just announced that it has acquired Cassini Systems, a cloud-native PLM platform. Cassini does many of the things you'd expect a PLM to do -- vault, manage collaboration, etc.-- but perhaps a deciding factor was its modern architecture and compliance with...

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Siemens orders ahead of plan, SaaS booming

Ah, Siemens. If you thought Hexagon was complicated, buckle in. Siemens AG just reported fiscal Q1 2022 results, and we're going to roll that into a recap of fiscal 2021. There's a lot of ground to cover, so let's get going. Siemens AG reported fiscal 2021 results...

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