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Nemetschek hits 2022 revenue target — just

Nemetschek announced preliminary results for fiscal 2022 earlier today, indicating that business slowed slightly in Q4. For 2022, the company reported revenue of €‎802 million, which means Q4 revenue of €‎203 million was about 2% below expectations. We'll know more...

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It’s finally done: Schneider Electric owns AVEVA

And so we have the final episode of this saga: AVEVA shares are no longer being traded on the London Stock Exchange today as the final step in the sale of AVEVA to Schneider Electric. The last trades yesterday put the closing share price at 3,220.50 pence (GBP 32.205)...

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Ansys continues buildout, acquires Rocky DEM

First off, happy new year! May 2023 bring you happiness and health! Ansys wins the prize for the first-announced deal of 2023, saying that it had acquired Rocky DEM and its developer and support teams from long-time channel partner Engineering Simulation and...

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May the new year …

… be filled with health, happiness, joy, and success. It's almost time for a lovely winter nap -- and perhaps some frolicking in the snow if that big storm materializes -- but first, we'd like to thank you for an amazing 2022. See you in 2023!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a frantic Fall, so it's lovely to feel things slowing down this week. In the US, Thanksgiving Thursday is about food, family, friends, and being grateful for the bounty in our lives. My list of things to be thankful for is long and includes you — thank you...

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4 on a Saturday: travel catchup edition

I've been AWOL the last two weeks, walking the length of the Kennet and von canal in England. Amazing engineering, water control in a place where rain is a given … and beautiful countryside. More on that at some point. While I was walking, the PLMish world created...

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ESI’s Q3 shows subs transition ahead of plan

You might recall that ESI held its Live event in September. That was customer-focused, where presenters talked about how the auto, aero, and heavy industries use ESI products to design better and faster. The week after that conference, ESI held a capital markets...

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AU 2022: a joyous in-person extravaganza

Last month, Autodesk held its first Autodesk University (AU) in person since the whole COVID drama began. It was both a very familiar event and completely new. New: New Orleans instead of Las Vegas! Being handed a COVID test kit at registration! A NOLA brass band!...

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