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Can the auto industry change to build-to-order?

Happy New Year! I hope you were able to chill at least a little in that magic time between "got to get it all done", "oops, too late" and "it's a brand new year of possibilities". Speaking of ... I watched far too much football (the US type, NFL) over my break, and...

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May your 2022 …

... be filled with health, happiness, joy, and success. We'll see you then! This lovely dawn was photographed by ErikTanghe. You can see more of their work here.

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Bentley adds geostatistics with AR2Tech acquisition

Bentley Systems last night announced that its Seequent business acquired Advanced Resources and Risk Technology (aka AR2Tech), makers of geostatistical software applications. Remember that Seequent makes 3D subsurface modeling and collaboration tools, sold into...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for. There are the usual food, friends, family, and shelter -- never to be taken for granted. This year, we need to add the scientists, inventors, and manufacturers behind the COVID vaccines and treatments; the healthcare workers who...

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The last word? PTC+Rockwell=BFFs for … ever?

After yesterday's kerfuffle about an S-3 filing (where I interpreted intentions incorrectly here and tried to fix it all here), PTC and Rockwell came out with a statement that reads, in part ... Rockwell has made no announcement that it is "cutting financial ties with...

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AVEVA’s trading update says H1 revenue up 9% cc

AVEVA just issued another one of its periodic, very brief business updates, saying that AVEVA's revenue grew by approximately 9% in the first half of the financial year on a pro forma organic constant currency [cc] basis ... All of the Group's fee types grew, with a...

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