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LiveWorx, the preview (notes from day 0)

I loved set-up time at Daratech conferences. I would stand on a balcony or walkway and watch it all come together on the exhibit floor below me. Vendors building their booths, the service people laying down cables and bringing in counters, plants, and lighting, and...

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Digital Twins, Threads, and Tapestries – oh my

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the CIMdata PLM Road Map & Eurostep PDT North America 2023 event in Washington DC and, I’ve got to say, it was terrific. A great speaker lineup, high-level content, vendor neutrality, and no sales pitches — a refreshing event in a...

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Happy Pi Day!

Have I ever told you my butter ruler story? No? Well … In the US, butter typically comes in sticks wrapped in wax paper. The paper usually has the maker's logo, the stick's weight and a magical butter ruler. We (in the US) do things volumetrically, so recipes...

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Nano Dimension offers to buy rest of Stratasys

Nano Dimension just announced that it wants to buy the 85% or so of Stratasys shares it doesn't already own for about $1.1 billion. You might remember that Nano Dimension disclosed a 12% stake in Stratasys last July, after which Stratasys' board adopted what some call...

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Nemetschek hits 2022 revenue target — just

Nemetschek announced preliminary results for fiscal 2022 earlier today, indicating that business slowed slightly in Q4. For 2022, the company reported revenue of €‎802 million, which means Q4 revenue of €‎203 million was about 2% below expectations. We'll know more...

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It’s finally done: Schneider Electric owns AVEVA

And so we have the final episode of this saga: AVEVA shares are no longer being traded on the London Stock Exchange today as the final step in the sale of AVEVA to Schneider Electric. The last trades yesterday put the closing share price at 3,220.50 pence (GBP 32.205)...

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