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The US Federal Trade Commission mandates that bloggers must disclose any material connection and compensation received for blog posts — that’s a form of paid endorsement that can masquerade as editorial content. To be clear:

The blog published here is completely my own and Schnitger Corp. receives no compensation for its content. However, readers should assume that Schnitger Corp. currently has, has had in the past, and is likely to seek a business relationship with any company mentioned here. Some of our expenses may be paid by a vendor so that we may attend an event; when that happens, we note it in anything we write about the event. Too, we may periodically post here copies of or links to work we’ve done on sponsored projects (like white papers or presentations, for example). When we do that, we’re clear that this was a sponsored work and tell you who the sponsor is.

Likewise, Schnitger Corp. employees may not directly own shares in any company written about on this website. However, it is likely that mutual funds or other investment vehicles owned by employees contain shares that are not under their direct control. After all, these are some very profitable companies …

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Monica Schnitger
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