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Lectra to buy Gerber Technologies

This is big: Lectra has announced that it plans to acquire Gerber Technology for "an upfront payment of 175 million euros – through a combination of cash and debt – plus 5 million newly issued Lectra shares to ... Gerber Technology’s sole shareholder". As I understand...

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Mostly OT: 5 on a Friday

I can't remember the last time I did one of these --and perhaps they are totally not cool anymore, but then, neither am I. Here are 5 things that defined my week, including a couple of PLMish bits at the end: 1. The Inauguration, no surprise, was a big part of the...

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Cadence to acquire NUMECA

And the consolidation continues. Cadence announced this morning that it will acquire NUMECA, maker of the OMNIS CAE framework (though you probably know it for its FINE/Design3D optimization solution and its FINE/Marine virtual towing tank/CFD naval architecture tools...

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Totally OT: Honoring MLK

I wrote the piece below in 2014 and can't believe how much has happened since then -- and, but, how little progress we've made in making the world a more equal place. Dr. King's message was simple: all people are created equal and it's our actions that make them...

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CGTech, Vericut now part of Sandvik

I hope you had the opportunity to unwind and relax as 2020 came to a close. Let's hope 2021 is a much kinder year! To start off the new year, a quick update: While we were pondering New Year's Eve cocktails, Sandvik announced that it completed its acquisition of...

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Will PTC+Arena = SaaS dominance in PLM? Maybe

A lot of you have been in touch to talk about PTC's announced acquisition of Arena Solutions. Why do this deal? What's in it for PTC, Arena, and for their customers? What happens to Arena's PLM where it overlaps with PTC's Windchill, and vice versa? When will there be...

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Hexagon adds OxBlue visual AI to AEC offerings

Hexagon just announced that it is acquiring OxBlue, a maker of high-definition, time-lapse photography, and live video streaming services, that are used in construction to capture and document progress. OxBlue, says Hexagon, takes this one step further, by adding in...

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Super quick: PTC to acquire Arena for SaaS PLM

Continuing that momentum into all things cloud and SaaS, PTC says it's signed a definitive agreement to acquire Arena Solutions for $715 million in cash, "enabling the company to deliver a complete CAD + PLM SaaS solution". PTC's CEO Jim Heppelmann said in prepared...

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We’re back!

We think. As far as we know. It's been a rocky couple of days, Internet-wise. We tried to speed up but managed to create conflicts with some of our ISP's mechanisms. We probably could have figured it out ... but, in the end, it just wasn't worth it...

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We messed up – but we’re fixing it!

We're sorry if you've had trouble over the last couple of days with the website or emailing us -- we tried to make the site better and faster and clearly made it much, much worse. We've nosed out the issues and the website is back up; email is...

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