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Shapr3D: Cool CAD on an iPad (and now, macOS too)

You probably don't know this about me, but I used to be really good at CAD. A long time ago, after the advent of the PC but before Bitcoin. I used to demo CAD in some of my product management roles. Still, stone age. Today I love talking to CAD people about what they...

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Hexagon to acquire CADLM for AI-powered CAE

Hexagon announced that it will acquire CADLM SAS, a "pioneer in powering computer-aided engineering (CAE) with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to revolutionise the impact of simulation in product development processes and lifecycles". CADLM's ODYSSEE...

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Bentley acquires Seequent for ~$1.05 Billion

Bentley just announced that it was acquiring Seequent, a "leader in software for geological and geophysical modeling, geotechnical stability, and cloud services for geodata management, visibility, and collaboration". I need to learn more, but Bentley says "Seequent...

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Bentley builds construction portfolio with E7

A couple of days ago, amid all of the earnings reports (and ahead of its own, on Tuesday), Bentley Systems announced that it has acquired E7, an Australia-based maker of project delivery software for heavy civil construction. E7's platform includes mobile and web apps...

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Why so many CADs? And can I switch between them?

I am often asked, especially by people who are new to the CAD world, what the differences are between all of the CAD tools on the market. What's the best? And what happens if I don't like the product I started with -- can I switch? There are no easy answers --to any...

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Schneider Electric reports Q4, talks AVEVA

Schneider Electric reported Q4 results today -- you can see them in full here -- that also touched on how important AVEVA is to the overall product menu. A couple of nuggets from the press release and investor call presentation: Schneider Electric's fiscal 2020...

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ESI’s 2020 results show continued improvement

ESI yesterday announced preliminary results for its fiscal fourth quarter -- and they show sequential improvement that leads CEO Cristel de Rouvray to moderate optimism for the year ahead. First, the results: In Q4, total revenue was €30 million, down 10% as reported...

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