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Autodesk’s Q4 sets the stage for a bumpy FY17

As you know, Autodesk is in the midst of a transition from hefty upfront fees to a steadier stream of subscription revenue. The company's recently announced Q4 results highlight both the positives and negatives of the change -- but there was also a lot of good,...

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ANSYS Q4 revenue up 4%, at low end of guidance

ANSYS just reported that Q4 revenue was $252 million, up 4% year/year, for a total of $943 million in 2015, up 8%. CEO Jim Cashman said in prepared remarks that the "fourth quarter presented us with a combination of both challenges and opportunities ... Q4 revenue...

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ASSESSing the future of CAE

I've been thinking a lot about simulation: who should be doing it, where it fits in a design process, how can we involve more people in using and creating these tools ... And there are no easy answers. Quick, throw-away reactions are that everyone should be...

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Q&A Tuesday: Treehouses, WiFi, CAE & PLM – oh my

People find the Schnitger Corp. website in all sorts of ways, looking for a lot of different information. [Did you know we now have over 1,000 blog posts with maybe a million words -- yikes.] Here are a couple of search terms that led people to this website and I need...

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Is your PLM a uni-tasker? Hope not …

When you buy something, what are your criteria? I look at whether it does what I need it to do, if it’s a good value for the money, and if it leaves me room to grow or adapt as my needs evolve. Like Alton Brown of Good Eats fame ( - worth a look,...

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Very quick: Yokogawa outbids AspenTech for KBC

You don't see this every day: AspenTech says that Yokogawa has outbid it to win KBC, which it just last month said would acquire. AspenTech says it "does not intend to revise its offer of 185 pence for each share of KBC Advanced Technologies plc (KBC) which was...

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SolidWorks World 2016: makers, cloud and subs

Kishore Boyalakuntla, SolidWorks Brand User Experience Leader, joked that SolidWorks World is a bit like Disney for engineers — and, you know, it is! This year’s event had a slightly different vibe: it was less serious, more maker and decidedly not DS-centric. Yes,...

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Quickies: MuM & GRAITEC earnings surprising

A lot of PLMish companies release earnings news and (as you no doubt know) I fall behind in writing longer posts about each. So, a compromise where I do quick summaries of a few companies while working on longer-form versions for others. This week, Mensch und Maschine...

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ESI buys Mineset big data analytics from SGI

ESI today announced that it is acquiring Mineset Inc., a big data visual analytics and machine-learning specialist, from SGI. [Recall that ESI acquired OpenCFD Ltd, owner of the OpenFOAM Trademark, from SGI in 2012. -- Ed.] Mineset bills itself as "beautiful, simple,...

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No surprise: Autodesk announces restructuring

You probably saw this coming: a company used to operating on a perpetual license model isn't, financially, the same as one that relies on subscriptions. Different cash flows, and cash flows are what pay people, rent and utilities. So, today, Autodesk announced a...

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PTC takes a look, clarifies IoT+CAD+PLM+VR+SLM vision

PTC last week rolled out its vision for the augmented reality-enabled enterprise: access to all sorts of data related to an object, served out on tablets, watches, phones and other devices, with the specifics of the data tailored to the needs of the user. This vision...

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Q&A Tuesday: It’s not all about CD-adapco

... though most of your questions over the last two days have been focused on CD-adapco and Siemens PLM. There is other news out there worth your consideration. First, keeping to the CAE theme: SIMSOLID (about which I'll write more thoughtfully soon) announced today...

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Siemens CEO says CD-adapco is a perfect fit

I put up a quick blog post yesterday about the planned acquisition of CD-adapco by Siemens and added more info to it as the day went along — please check back there for initial thoughts — but wanted to do a separate update today. Siemens held its December-quarter...

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Siemens snaps up CD-adapco for a cool $1 billion

The rumors are finally confirmed: Siemens PLM is acquiring CD-adapco for $970 million. For those keeping track, that's about a 5x revenue multiple. ADDED after this blog was first published at around 2PM ET on 25 January 2015 because people were asking for a bit more...

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