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Platforms take CAE’s digital twin to real life

If you think about it, we are at the convergence of a number of technological trends that will change how we design products, even as those products become complicated combos of mechanical, electronic, software and control systems. But it's not all technology; how we...

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Autodesk acquires PCB design for Fusion 360

Interesting. I just saw that Autodesk has acquired Cadsoft Computer GmbH, a German company, from Premier Farnell. Premier Farnell distributes electronics components though many different channels, including online markets,and maintains the element14 online...

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PLM’s platform play

Platforms are hot right now, but they’re hardly a new idea. I learned a few weeks ago from Dr. Marshall Van Alstyne (whose research is accessible here) that newspapers, which connect advertisers to consumers, are platforms. HMOs connect physicians and patients....

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LiveWorx 2016 celebrates the physical+digital world

What happens when you mix a lot of old-time CAD super-users with new, edgy technology? Some cross mojonation* but also quite a bit of resistance. It's interesting; people who are excellent at their jobs are the most resistant to change because it will make them less...

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AVEVA + Schneider a no-go

In a very brief statement even by UK standards AVEVA just said, "Following the termination of the preliminary discussions between AVEVA Group Plc ("AVEVA") and Schneider Electric SE, AVEVA has applied to the UKLA for the suspension of its shares to be lifted. As a...

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Deal and … maybe deal

What happens when I spend the day on a plane? News! Briefly, AVEVA and Schneider Electric have resumed their tango. AVEVA today addressed press speculation by issuing an announcement that it was again in talks with Schneider Electric about a deal that would combine...

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ESI seeks to reinvent PLM by moving to PPL

ESI hopes to move manufacturing beyond PLM, and into what it calls PPL, Product Performance Lifecycle. The company defines traditional PLM as "product development until commercial launch" while PPL addresses the product's "whole 'post-development' lifecycle, i.e. the...

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“One word: Plastics”

That's a paraphrase of the wonderful scene in The Graduate, where Mr. Maguire tells a young and confused Benjamin (played by Dustin Hoffman) that plastics are the future. In many ways, he was right. If your job is plastics, you know that that little phrase hides a...

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AspenTech acquires Fidelis for asset optimization

You may remember that Aspen Technology was rebuffed earlier this year when it tried to acquire KBC and its refinery optimization expertise. Well, that didn't slow them down much: Today, AspenTech announced that it has acquired FidelisGroup, maker of Titan 2, FAST 3...

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Autodesk subs momentum builds in FQ1

I continue to try to catch up -- and today we take a look at Autodesk's calendar Q1 results, for the three months ended April 30. Autodesk reported these back on May 19, so this isn't new news. What it is, however, is a great pointer to what Autodesk's customers think...

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3DX Science aims to take users from atoms to systems

What happens when you put a lot of chemists and biologists in a room with engineers? Actually, more fun than you might think. And a lot of geeking out. But that's to be expected. Last week, Dassault Systèmes threw the first-ever combined user group meeting for its...

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Quickie: DS acquires Ortems for production scheduling

Dassault Systèmes just announced that it has acquired Ortems, a provider of on-premise and on the cloud capacity constraint-based production scheduling and dispatching software. Ortems’ solutions, Agile Manufacturing and PlannerOne, manage manufacturing operations...

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AVEVA’s FY16 was OK, despite end-market turmoil

Most of the questions I am asked these days revolve around three things: the cloud, licensing models and how does the situation in end-market X affect vendor Y. Lately, X = oil and Y = AVEVA because of the massive uncertainty in the oil and gas world due to...

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Vela Software acquires Tecplot

Tecplot, Inc., a leading provider of visual data analysis software for engineers and scientists in the aerospace and oil & gas vertical markets, today announced that it has been acquired by Vela Software, an operating group of Constellation Software, Inc. If...

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AEC earnings recap: CQ1 was middling to strong

I've been writing about a lot of the PLMish companies that focus on the automotive, aerospace and other discreet manufacturing industries and not devoting enough "ink" to AECish vendors -- many of whom are doing incredibly cool things. So here's a recap of recent...

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Openness — will you know it when you see it?

I like transparency (but not in clothing. Leave something to the imagination, people!). If you're a merchant and don't accept returns after a certain period, tell the buyer and make the sign BIG. If you advertise that a plane ticket costs $100, make sure that includes...

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