An appreciation: SolidWorks’ Vic Leventhal

Oct 5, 2020 | Hot Topics

My social feeds lit up this weekend with the sad news that Vic Leventhal has died. If you use Solidworks, think of Vic. If you work for or rely on a CAD reseller, think of Vic. If you’ve ever built a PLMish sales channel — Vic was the guy who paved the way.

Obvs, Jon Hirschtick’s tweet, used without permission

I first met Vic many years ago at one of Daratech’s VAR channel events. Maybe in Dallas, maybe somewhere else. Solidworks had already been acquired by Dassault Systemes at that point and I’m not sure of Vic’s exact role at the time but I vividly remember trying to have a conversation with this CAD world rock star and being constantly interrupted as people wanted to meet Vic, shake his hand and, perhaps, get him to talk CAD sales. He was gracious, calm, kind — even as people followed him around the hotel venue, hoping for a word.

Why? Because Solidworks owed its success to two things, a terrific CAD product and a new way (at the time) of selling: via channel partners who knew what they were talking about By the time I met him, the channel Vic had built was huge and thriving, and people wanted to know how he was so successful at picking partners who could contribute to that growth. And, of course, many wanted into that channel.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of Vic but you’d recognize him instantly: the guy at the center of the admiring scrum.

Vic was also involved in a lot of other things over the years but I’ll remember his wonderful smile at those VAR events.

Our best wishes to his family and friends.