Altair acquires M-Base for plastics

Oct 8, 2020 | Hot Topics

Altair just announced that is has acquired  M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH, supplier of the Material Data Center materials database and material information system, targeted at the makers and users of plastics. Altair says this addition will “allow Altair to offer the most comprehensive, high-fidelity plastics database available on the market, which will directly connect with Altair’s powerful solvers”.

M-Base characterizes Material Data Center as an “internet portal for plastics that includes a material database, which covers the complete international plastics market including the entire content of the CAMPUS database, an application database, a tradename directory, a literature database and several other tools to support designers.” CAMPUS is an industry-standard plastics information system that provides access to online datasheets for resins from participating material producers. The point: CAMPUS allows potential users of plastic resins to compare material information based on uniform standards.

Back to M-Base, which says that “many plastics producers and distributors use our systems for providing product information to the market and the generation of qualified datasheets, e.g. using the industrial standard CAMPUS. Our internet plastics database Material Data Center is an internationally leading information tool for the complete supply chain of the plastics industry”.

Altair adds that “M-Base’s offering covers the complete lifecycle of material data, from testing and test evaluation to computer-aided engineering (CAE) interfaces, with a focus on plastics”.

Why acquire M-Base? Altair CEO Jim Scapa said, “the integration of M-Base into the Altair ecosystem brings deep knowledge and experience in material database projects, as well as the high-quality data our customers require to improve the design of their products. It also expands our presence in the plastics industry, as M-Base holds strong relationships with plastics manufacturers and the gold standard, CAMPUS. We look forward to working deeply with CAMPUS members to grow together.”

Financial terms and impact on Altair were not disclosed, but it does sound like a done deal.