I had promised you a photo of Bentleys ringing the opening bell at the Nasdaq, but can go one better — a video!

The first 3:30 minutes or so are of the big LED pilar billboard in Times Square, showing pictures of Bentley employees (“colleagues” in Bentley-speak). Then the Nasdaq MC introduces the company and Greg Bentley, who starts speaking at 5:30 into the recording. At 11:30 you can see the countdown and hear a bell, likely to signal the opening of trading last Thursday.

I’ve been in Times Square many times and this video doesn’t do justice to the size and energy of the space, nor to how many LED billboards likely carried the images on that pillar. The Bentley Systems logo and the images of people and projects were probably plastered all over this huge space — creating a Bentley-themed montage in the square.

I bet it was awesome.

(I apologize for the weird Netflix or something? ad in the lower left of the video. Not sure why it’s here, but It’s part of the Youtube video and I can’t seem to get rid of it.)