Ansys to acquire DYNAmore for its automotive products and expertise

Dec 6, 2022 | Hot Topics

And the acquisitions continue. Ansys just announced that it would acquire DYNAmore for its explicit simulation products, consulting, and sales expertise targeted at the automotive industry. And those are impressive: the German company, according to Ansys, counts “nine of the top 10 original equipment manufacturers and seven of the largest automotive suppliers around the world” as customers, in a total of 800 customers.

There’s a backstory: DYNAmore has been a channel and software development partner of Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC) for decades. DYNAmore’s team created dummy and human body models for its customers to use in crash simulations with LSTC’s LD-DYNA. When Ansys acquired LSTC in 2019, DYNAmore became an Ansys channel and R&D partner, focused primarily on the automotive industry.

Ansys says that adding these capabilities and what the company calls DYNAmore’s selling motion will “add tremendous benefits to our customers in Europe and across the globe.” I’ve heard “selling motion” a lot lately. It is the current biz-speak for a company’s sales method to deliver its product or services to prospects. It likely means using DYNAmore’s automotive-specific go-to-market strategy across the rest of the Ansys portfolio.

But the ambitions behind this acquisition seem more significant than that automotive-specific product and process expertise. Uli Goehner, a cofounder of DYNAmore, said in the announcement, “By joining with Ansys, we will provide complete software solutions for crash simulation, occupant safety, and production processes — including metal forming, This [] will enable [to] expand our go-to-market strategy beyond the automotive industry in Europe — seeking broader market opportunities in the global biomedical, production process, and packaging industries.”

No financial details were announced other than the usual “[this transaction] is not expected to have a material impact on Ansys’ consolidated financial statements.” The companies say it is expected to close in the first quarter of 2023.

One thing not mentioned in the press release is SCALE, a DYNAmore subsidiary that develops custom solutions for clients. Presumably, that team is part of this transaction, but I’ve reached out to Ansys for clarification.

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