Nemetschek adds DEXMA to its Build & Operate portfolio

Dec 14, 2020 | Hot Topics

Nemetschek today announced that its Spacewell subsidiary has acquired DEXMA, a provider of energy management solutions. The DEXMA Platform consists of integrations to more than 200 hardware sensors, gateways, SCADAS, BMSs and other data inputs (DEXMA Detect), which feed data into DEXMA Analyse and then DEXMA Optimise, to automate a building operator’s energy management process. DEXMA’s SaaS solutions, says Nemetschek, enable facility and property managers, energy services providers, and consultants to “optimize their energy transition and reach their sustainability goals, such as lowering the carbon footprint of their buildings. Companies can report energy consumption, analyze usage patterns to identify inefficiencies, and detect anomalies in real time”.

The potential for savings is significant if you’re a building owner or a dweller on this little planet of ours. The US Government estimated in 2013 that “U.S. buildings account for 39% of primary energy consumption and 72% of all electricity consumed domestically. Buildings accounted for more energy use than the entire U.S. transportation sector in 2006 and produced more greenhouse gases than any other country in the world except China.”

That’s a lot of energy, and it’s only smart business for building operators to examine their consumption and reduce it where they can — and that’s not always an obvious choice. According to DEXMA, “30% of your buildings will generate 70% of total energy savings, but only real-time data can unlock your full energy footprint.” A quick peruse of DEXMA’s case studies show that customers saved significantly after analyzing their energy usage — a Burger King franchise, for example, saved 17% on its electrical consumption by adopting new energy management protocols.

Koen Matthijs, the Chief Division Officer of the Operate & Manage Division at the Nemetschek Group says, “This acquisition is a huge benefit for our customers who are aiming to become more sustainable in their operations. Energy management is an important element in creating truly autonomous buildings that automatically adapt their behaviors to the occupants and stakeholders. DEXMA perfectly complements our existing portfolio for facility management, property management, and smart building. Adding energy management gives us a strong competitive edge, as our customers will benefit from a complete solution to operate their buildings.”

The CEO Of Spacewell, Eric Van Bael, says “Spacewell and DEXMA will be able to integrate and correlate data from any hardware or sensor platform, making our combined offering vendor-independent, flexible, and future proof,”

The prize: Automated energy management. If a building operator can create a closed-loop between sensor and responding action, they can minimize the ecological footprint of the asset. The asset is more responsive and efficient — and that saves money. Add in artificial intelligence, and the asset’s owners and operators can predict the behavior of the asset, enabling more efficient design, and lower energy costs over the asset’s life.

No details of the acquisition were announced but it sounds like a done deal.