Quickie: Hexagon adds Volume Graphics to inspection software offering

Nov 22, 2019 | Hot Topics

Hexagon just announced that it will acquire Volume Graphics, maker of the VGSTUDIO suite of industrial computed tomography (CT) software.

VGSTUDIO and related products let a quality engineer take the mesh created via a laser scan, touch scan or other measurement technique and “see” both outside and inside a component. This enables them to measure and inspected the part for dimensional deviations or other flaws without destroying the part. Volume Graphics says that its algorithms are tested by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and can get to subvoxel accuracy.

Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén said in prepared remarks that “Volume Graphics offers an invaluable toolset for leveraging CT data across many use cases – from flaw detection and failure analysis to reverse engineering applications … industrial CT scanning is fast becoming a critical asset to manufacturers as more and more industries embrace additive manufacturing. The addition of CT software capabilities strengthens our portfolio in this growth area.” 

No price was given but Hexagon’s materials do say that Volume Graphic’s 2018 sales were €25 million. Volume Graphics will join Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division.