Quickie: ESI’s Q3 goes to plan

Nov 20, 2019 | Hot Topics

ESI yesterday released Q3 results that show … no real change. The company’s reinvention continues.

Revenue in Q3 was €28.6 million, up 2% as reported and down 1% in constant currencies (cc). Software license revenue was up 1% (but down 3% cc) to €20.7 million. Services revenue was up 7% (up 5% cc) to €7.9 million.

For the year to date, revenue from the Americas was €15 million, up 6% as reported and up 1% cc. From EMEA, revenue was €34 million, up 1% as reported and cc. Finally, revenue from Asia was €35 million, up 3.0% as reported (down 1% cc).

If you’re keeping track, ESI’s financial performance has long been weighted to a very strong Q4 — and, until this year, that included November, December and January. 2019 is different: it won’t include January as the company moves its fiscal year to match the calendar year. Look for a report early next year on a shortened Q4 but expect growth to pick up in 2020.