Quick update on Aras + Comet: free means free

Sep 26, 2018 | Hot Topics

Yesterday, Aras announced that it has acquired Comet Solutions, to add simulation data and process management to its PLM platform. One of the intriguing things in the announcement was that Comet would be free to all subscribers. I didn’t see how that was economically practical and reached out to Aras’ Marc Lind for more information. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Yup, Comet is already available to Aras subscribers at no additional cost
  2. Aras stands to make money if customers want to add users because Comet is now available on the platform. Mr. Lind says that Aras charges by named user and gives “all you can eat access” to applications
  3. Why do this? To remove the cost barrier to adoption, use and rollout
  4. Since I am a skeptical shopper, I asked Mr. Lind about pricing.  He confirmed that Aras’ current, public price list applies here, even with the addition of Comet.

So what do we wind up with? Aras’ PLM platform now offers Comet’s SDPM at no extra cost for current subscribers; new subscribers are … just new. No upcharge. That’s cool, and a great way to foster Comet’s longterm objective of getting more simulation into more hands.

Are you an Aras Comet user? Comet? Aras? What do you think of the combo? Leave a comment below, but remember that only respectful and useful comments will be approved.