Aras acquires Comet Solutions to add CAE-specific SPDM to its platform

Sep 25, 2018 | Hot Topics

I must say that I didn’t see this one coming but I probably should have: Aras just announced that it has acquired Comet Solutions, makers of simulation process management tools that enable users to be systematic in their application of CAE — keeping consistent humans who might set up the same simulation differently and ensuring repeatability across products and programs.

But why Aras? The company says that adding “Comet’s capabilities to the Aras PLM Platform provides a way for organizations to connect simulation – and simulation experts to mainstream engineering processes” that is an “is an important step on Aras’ roadmap to develop platform-based SPDM [simulation process and data management] to support higher volume simulation for the most complex scenarios. With the addition of Comet’s technology, Aras closes the gap between simulation and mainstream design by providing simulation analysts with the means to repeat and reuse simulation while connecting their analysis to through-life product configuration and cross-discipline design”.

This is where this gets so interesting: “Comet software will be available for Aras subscribers at no charge” but you need to request it, by filling out a form here. I’ve asked how free is possible, and will update if I get an answer.

Tying simulation into PLM and using PLMish tools to manage simulation processes is smart thinking, something a lot of people have tried to MacGyver* on their own. Adding Comet’s SPDM to the Aras PLM Platform makes this easier, and that, in theory, should get more simulation into more people’s toolkits.

Comet’s CTO and Founder, Malcom Panthaki says that “Joining the Aras family turbo charges Comet’s vision to bring simulation to the enterprise. Comet’s philosophy and approach to simulation align well with Aras’ approach to PLM.” Key to this is Comet’s vendor-agnostic approach, which is in line with Aras’ own open approach, to connect CAD, 0D/1D, FEA, meshing, and in-house applications.

No details of the deal were announced, but remember that Aras closed a $40 million funding round not too long ago and acquired infoTRAK MRO earlier this year.

*MacGyver is a US television show in which the central character, MacGyver, gets himself out of all sorts of situations by improvising. He looks around, grabs some random objects and creates a … ray gun. A helicopter. Whatever he needs to beat the bad guys.