Siemens acquires Polarion, gets further into ALM

Nov 25, 2015 | Hot Topics

Siemens just announced that its PLM unit is acquiring Polarion, makers of the eponymous Polarion ALM, Polarion QA and other solutions in a browser-based platform used by at makers of the myriad products that include software. Syncing software versions with hardware is proving to be very challenging; Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools like Polarion help connect developers to ensure that quality, functional safety, and compliance aren’t compromised. Siemens says that Polarion is “a leader in the ALM market, leveraging an open architecture, exhibiting state-of-art source code management and supporting the needs of open source development”, and that its inclusion inTeamcenter will make “ALM an integral part of the product development process”.

Siemens PLM CEO Chuck Grindstaff added that “[t]oday’s announcement is another step in Siemens’ commitment to help our customers fully realize the benefits of digitalization. By adding Polarion ALM solutions to our PLM portfolio, we are further strengthening our ability to help companies create smart, connected products. Polarion’s advanced functions integrate software specification, development, testing and simulation further into our market leading Systems-driven Product Development environment. We are delighted to welcome the Polarion team to our organization and to integrate their leading ALM offerings into our Smart Innovation Portfolio.”

Polarion has been a Siemens Software and Technology partner for the last two years, and has been working on integrating Polarion with Teamcenter. Polarion’s CEO Frank Schroeder says the acquisition enables Polarion to “move further and faster towards the delivery of high value PLM/ALM solutions to our customers. Siemens clearly recognizes the value we bring to PLM, and the critical component of ALM within their digitalization strategy. We view this as a great benefit for our customers and we welcome the expanded opportunities that will result from being a part of Siemens.”

Siemens first mentioned Polarion about 18 months ago, when Siemens’ venture capital unit invested $10 million in Polarion. At the time, the investment was intended to “allow Polarion to expand its product development initiatives and better support its rapidly growing community of worldwide
users.” We checked into Polarion a bit back then and learned that it is usually selected as a requirements management platform because of its browser-based capabilities — team members from around the enterprise can gather and act on requirements as design progresses. Like PTC’s MKS acquisition, which you may be more familiar with, the idea is to create a mechanism that adds to traditional PLM for the mechanical side of a product the ability to also manage software development methods, inputs and outputs.

The acquisition of the portion of Polarion that Siemens does not already own is expected to close during the first quarter of 2016. Terms were not and “will not be disclosed”.