Happy Thanksgiving!

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Hot Topics

It’s a crazy time here in the US. Tomorrow, we celebrate the fact that immigrants came to North America and survived, yet our politicians are talking about not admitting new immigrants (and never mind all of the fallacies in the original Thanksgiving story). We’re bombarded by ads that tell us to be with friends and family while also hitting up Black Friday sales that start before the leftovers are put away. We’re urged to consume more more more when there are people who don’t have enough … It’s time to unplug, to turn off the noise and chatter. Actually be with people we care about, celebrate what we do have in our lives and be thankful, help those in need.

Schnitger Corp. will be back on Monday but we thank you and you and you and you for reading, emailing, and sharing your thoughts and opinions. We are grateful.

Oh, one last thing: Bentley Systems is still running its matching campaign to help refugees and build infrastructure in parts of the world that desperately need it. Please consider donating.