3 on a Thursday: Gamma and Xometry acquire (not each other), sad news from VRandD

Dec 9, 2021 | Hot Topics

The calendar is racing towards the end of 2021 — and it actually feels like that, doesn’t it? Normally there’s a sense of slowing down, of coasting into the year-end, but not this year. A few bits of news you may not be aware of:

Gamma Technologies announced that it has acquired Exothermia, makers of”predictive thermo-electro-chemical solutions for zero-impact emissions technologies. Exothermia’s suite of exhaust aftertreatment (E.A.T) and powertrain simulation tools complement GT’s product and technology portfolio”. Details weren’t announced but Gamma says that “Exothermia Suite enables E.A.T engineers with design exploration and feasibility studies, detailed 3D component analysis, durability prediction, development of onboard diagnostics and controls verification”. No terms were disclosed.

Xometry announced that it will acquire Thomas, the company that most people who’ve been around more than a minute will remember as The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers. Thomas made gigantic green books that listed all industrial products made in North America. (Maybe there were global editions, too?) Making it into The Thomas Register was a big deal, pre-Internet; it opened up markets and, it was always hoped, would lead to significant revenue. The Internet changed everything, and Thomas has reinvented itself time and again. Xometry is acquiring Thomas to “rapidly expand [its] buyer and seller base, significantly enhancing Xometry’s global digital marketplace for manufacturers.” The transaction is valued at $300 million and is expected to close this week. I do miss those big books …

Finally, in a very sad piece of news, I learned via LinkedIn of the death of Dr. Garret Vanderplaats, founder of Vandeplaats R&D or VRandD. MSC Software has set up a memorial page here (in case the link doesn’t work, cut and paste this into your browser: https://simulatemore.mscsoftware.com/in-memoriam-dr-garret-n-vanderplaats/). I met Dr. Vanderplaats several times at Daratech events in the 2000s; he was always gracious, a bit retiring but always excited to explain VRandD’s GENESIS optimization solution. GENESIS and sibling products continue, now under the OmniQuest umbrella. I’m sure you’ll join me in sending our condolences to his family, colleagues, and community.