Bentley adds to mining offering with Minalytix acquisition

Sep 14, 2021 | Hot Topics

Bentley just announced that its Seequent business has acquired Minalytix, a Canadian company that makes the MX Deposit suite of products. Minalytix was already partly owned by Seequent, though the press materials didn’t say how much or reveal any financial details of the transaction.

I’ve written before how important data management is in water, oil, mineral, and other natural resource disciplines. MX Deposit lets users manage how drillhole and similar exploration data is collected, managed, and shared. Seequent had already integrated its Leapfrog geological modeling, Oasis montaj geophysics, Target (drillhole visualization and hole QC), and Imago image management solutions with MX Deposit into what sounds like a comprehensive workflow to manage and collaborate around mining data sets.

Graham Grant, CEO of Seequent, said, “Drill and sample data are the lifeblood for mining companies when exploring, and MX Deposit naturally aligns with our mining and exploration portfolio, including newly acquired geoscientific imagery platform Imago. We have already done a great job of integrating the software and now we are excited to integrate the team.”

Bentley may share a bit more information when it announced Q3 results sometime in November or perhaps at the Year in Infrastructure event in December.