Quickie: Siemens adds proFPGA for hardware verification

Jun 8, 2021 | Hot Topics

Super quick, as I (virtually) run between events: Siemens Digital Industries Software just announced that it has signed an agreement with PRO DESIGN Electronic GmbH to acquire its proFPGA product family of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) desktop prototyping technologies. Siemens says that proFPGA has enabled “more than 100 customers to ‘shift left’ in their critical hardware and software verification tasks, enabling faster time-to-market”.

You may have seen proFPGA in Siemens’ materials before; that’s because Siemens had OEMed as part of the larger EDA offering in the Xcelerator portfolio. Why change? “Bringing the proFPGA technology and team in-house can allow Siemens to more fully integrate and optimize the scalable, high-performance prototyping platform for lab and desktop environments into its Veloce hardware-assisted verification system”.

Note that Siemens acquired proFPGA, not the entirety of PRO DESIGN. PRO DESIGN “will continue to operate as an independent company and a provider of electronic engineering and manufacturing services (E²MS), offering consulting, development, layout and prototyping as well as volume production services.”

Siemens’ acquisition of PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA products is complete, and the terms of the transaction were not disclosed.