Quickie: Bentley acquires for iTwin offering

Apr 29, 2021 | Hot Topics

Bentley just announced that it is acquiring sensemetrics and Vista Data Vision, both of which make software for Internet of Things (IoT) applications targeted at infrastructure use cases. Bentley says the companies will “expand the scope of the Bentley iTwin platform to add intrinsic IoT capabilities for infrastructure digital twins to incorporate real-time sensor data.”

According to Bentley, the sensemetrics platform is “used extensively for real-time safety and risk monitoring in infrastructure, mining, and construction activities including to measure and visualize civil structural movement, for condition assessment, and to help detect and prevent damage.”

This stuff is never boring. Bentley says that Vista Data Vision was spun out of Iceland’s Vista Engineering, which pioneered remote, real-time monitoring of power, traffic, and sanitation systems. Vista Data Vision has been developing software to analyze and manage project data since the 1990s, “to be used in solving real-world engineering problems that required real-time or near real-time observations, and that could be configured by nontechnical users, with no software engineering required and no vendor lock-in.”

Terms were not announced but Bentley said the combined revenues of sensemetrics and Vista Data Vision are not material to Bentley’s revenue for 2021. We may learn more when Bentley discusses Q1 and subsequent events next week. In the meantime, you can read much more here.