3 on a Friday: Procad + Acatec for configs, Autodesk closes Innovyze, Spectris grows its CAE/test platform

Apr 2, 2021 | Hot Topics

Lots of acquisition news this week. I already covered Bentley’s expansion in Maximo implementations and Hexagon’s into AI-powered CAE — here are a few more of interest:

Ralf Steck pointed out that Procad, a German PLM provider, acquired a majority stake in Acatec, maker of product configurators. Ralf writes that the acquisition continues a partnership that began in January 2021, when “it quickly became apparent that maximum synergy effects were developing for both sides – an acquisition was, therefore, the next logical step”. Ralf has mich more here (in German, but Google translate does a fine job).

Autodesk closed its Innovyze acquisition and said a bit more about future plans: “Innovyze’s modeling, simulation, asset performance management and operational analytics solutions enable more cost-effective water distribution and collection infrastructure, more sustainably designed drainage systems, and centralizes infrastructure asset visibility to optimize capital and operational expenses. Innovyze is also a global leader in digital twin technology for water infrastructure and the acquisition accelerates Autodesk’s digital twin strategy, which includes the recent launch of Autodesk Tandem. Together, these capabilities allow civil engineers, water utility companies, plant operators and water experts the ability to better respond to issues before they become emergencies and to improve planning for the future.”

Last for today, Spectris announced that it has acquired Concurrent Real-Time (aka Concurrent-RT) to add real-time operating systems for hardware-in-the-loop simulations. Concurrent-RT’s hardware and software already powers simulators sold by another of Spectris’ companies, VI-grade. Why does this matter? First, because Concurrent-RT was owned by Battery Ventures, the private equity firm that has shown so much interest in our PLMish world. Second, because we have a price: Spectris is paying $167 million for Concurrent-RT, which is expected to have revenue of $42 million for the year ending June 30, 2021, a 6% CAGR since 2018. You can do the math to get at the multiple. Last, because Spectris is building a pretty solid base of simulation and test companies. Spectris will put Concurrent-RT into its In HBK business, another brand you might recognize, because it strengthens its “current and future simulation offerings and is a further step in building a position of scale in the high growth, rapidly developing and exciting simulation market. The combination also positions HBK and Concurrent-RT to meet a currently unmet market need by combining HiL features with driver-in-the-loop systems – a turnkey solution customers are increasingly demanding and are unable to source today”. We’re seeing so much interest in CAE these days, with both Cadence and Spectris now in the mix. Never boring. You can learn more here.

Have a great weekend!