I can’t remember the last time I did one of these –and perhaps they are totally not cool anymore, but then, neither am I. Here are 5 things that defined my week, including a couple of PLMish bits at the end:

1. The Inauguration, no surprise, was a big part of the week. I don’t watch much television and was pleasantly surprised by the CBS coverage of the inauguration. They didn’t endlessly rehash someone irrelevant’s reaction to an opinion by someone equally irrelevant … The anchors and experts provided context and background for such a historic event. Why did I watch it in the first place? Because, after January 6, I was so very afraid of disaster. What would I do if something horrible happened? Drive to DC to … do what? I don’t know, but doing nothing would not have been an option. Everything, as far as I know, was calm, and I am again so thankful for the women and men who kept it that way.

2. Amanda Gorman, the poet who spoke at the Inauguration was AMAZING. Here’s a video of her reading:

and here is the text of her poem. What a talented and poised young woman. Her words modeled hope as well as the recognition of how much work there is to do, to “leave behind a country better than the one we were left.”

3. The diversity of the people on the platform behind Ms. Gorman was marvelous. I think of our government as made up of mostly old, white men because that’s what they were when I was growing up. Wednesday, we saw a lot of those but also women, people of color, and we knew that some were LGBTQ, that some were Democrats and some Republicans — and that they can all peacefully coexist with no rancor. We need that broad mix of perspectives if we hope to move ahead. And we need the best minds, no matter what they look like, to aspire to high office and that’s far more likely if they see someone who looks like them up there. (But on old white men, check out the Bernie memes. This is my favorite and I will now stop scrolling for more. Senator Sanders is on the far right):

4. There was PLMish activity this week, too. Cadence is acquiring NUMECA, which I now understand is part of Cadence’s larger, long-term intent to build an intelligent system design capability. Cadence wants to expand within its traditional EDA arena but also outward, into the bigger electromechanical world and beyond, to the other disciplines those auto, aero, and other customers need. NUMECA’s CFD will complement Cadence’s Clarity 3D, for electromagnetic simulation and the Celsius solver, for electro-thermal co-simulation. Those two are part of Cadence’s System Design & Analysis segment, which represented 11% of total revenue in Q3, so about $75 million; and about $240 million in the twelve months ending with Q3. That’s much bigger than I had realized and makes Cadence even more worth watching.

5. Last, we got a bit more evidence that Q4 may have been better than expected. Yesterday, Siemens said that December-quarter revenue from its digital industries business was up 5% as reported (flat in constant currencies) to €3.765 billion and well ahead of analysts’ consensus of €3.561 billion. In November, Siemens was very cautious about the quarter, saying that it expected government and company investment to lag a global rebound. We’ll know much more when Siemens reports results on February 3 — and, perhaps, how the Digital Industries Software business (fka Siemens PLM) did. Software companies start reporting next week.

Have a great weekend!