Tech Soft 3D continues buildout, acquires Visual Kinematics

Nov 11, 2020 | Hot Topics

Tech Soft 3D today announced that it has acquired Visual Kinematics (VKI), which makes DevTools, a suite of component software development kits (SDKs) for CAE applications. This comes just a few weeks after Tech Soft acquired Ceetron, and began adding its visualization components to the overall offering.

I’ve heard of VKI but was not aware of its offerings to any level of detail. Tech Soft 3D CEO Ron Fritz told me that VKI’s SDKs are used by many of the main CAE players for mesh generation, pre-processing, solving, and post-processing — so across the entire CAE workflow — as well as for interoperability between workflows. Mr. Fritz told me that VKI component tools are used across many types of physics, from mechanical to fluids, electro-magnetic, and multiphysics applications.

Tech Soft’s CTO, Gavin Bridgeman said that VKI’s portfolio “is the perfect complement to our HOOPS toolkits, as well as our recently acquired Ceetron SDKs for visualization of CAE results. We will be working hard to integrate our tool sets, offering the most complete and robust CAE component technology solution on the market.”

What the combo of historical Tech Soft 3D + Ceetron + VKI brings is best shown in this slide, from Mr. Fritz’s briefing deck:

I asked Mr. Fritz about the logos across the bottom–and the fact that he’s missing Altair. Altair is a client, he told me, but the team wanted to show big players as well as new entrants — the point being that Tech Soft is an agnostic supplier of components across the full PLMish spectrum, from large to small, platform to niche. And that new entrants can perhaps more quickly come to market using Tech Soft’s components than developing everything in-house.

Terms of the deal weren’t announced, but the VKI team is already at work under the Tech Soft 3D banner. Mr. Fritz said that Tech Soft 3D will continue to maintain and support VKI’s existing customers and partners, while growing its market reach through Tech Soft’s existing partner ecosystem.