Quickie: Hexagon snaps up ESPRIT CAM solutions

Oct 29, 2020 | Hot Topics

Remember just yesterday, when Hexagon CEO Ola Rollén told investors to stay tuned, that there was significant acquisition activity, even in a time of Covid? Welp.

Today, Hexagon announced that it will acquire D.P. Technology, maker of the ESPRIT suite of CAM solutions. You’ve heard of ESPRIT. Its computer numerically controlled (CNC) programming, optimization, and simulation solutions support 3-axis, 5-axis, milling, turning, and other classes of CNC machines. ESPRIT’s added value is that this is all done via a common user interface, regardless of machine — making it easier to learn and apply. ESPRIT calls this creating a digital twin of the CNC machine, tools, and finished part, optimizing across the entirety of the manufacturing process, rather than individual elements.

I didn’t know this, but Hexagon says that EPRIT also uses “AI-based algorithms [to] eliminate manual data input and provide machine operators with greater assurance of what will happen on the shop floor. The result – simplified programming, increased tool life and utilization, reduced cycle times, and improved productivity”.

Why D.P., given that Hexagon already has Vero and its CAM brands? Mr. Rollén said in a press release, “When combined with our production software portfolio, [ESPRIT] cements our market-leading position in CAM, particularly around CNC manufacturing processes, and accelerates the development of our Smart Manufacturing portfolio. Additionally, the D.P. Technology team has built excellent working relationships with leading machine tool providers and other manufacturing technology experts, which will prove invaluable in our open and interoperable manufacturing ecosystem approach.”

No purchase price was announced, but Hexagon says D.P. will operate within Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. In 2019, D.P. had revenue of €35 million.