Tech Soft acquires Ceetron for CAE visualization

Oct 16, 2020 | Hot Topics

Now this is interesting. Just into the inbox:

Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, today announces that it has acquired Ceetron AS, experts in developing 3D visualization technology for the computer-aided engineering (CAE) community.  This acquisition is in line with the company’s plans to fuel growth by investing in product development, scaling the company’s global reach and increasing its product offerings through acquisitions.

Tech Soft makes HOOPS and other CAD/CAM/CAE/PLMish toolkits, which the company says are used by over 500 applications –data exchange, visualization, AR/VR, publishing CAD or CAE data to PDF and more– that run on “hundreds of millions of computers worldwide”.

Ceetron also makes toolkits, but theirs are used to visualize simulation results. According to Tech Soft, Ceetron’s “desktop and server-side components … read and process cross-solver CAE data, and to create and render CAE visualization models. They also provide modern and mature technology for WebGL-based visualization used for remote sharing and post-processing of CAE models and results”.

Tech Soft 3D CEO Ron Fritz said that “Ceetron has been fueling innovation in CAE for 20+ years and Tech Soft 3D is excited to expand its portfolio to better serve our partners in the CAE space”. CTO Gavin Bridgeman adds that Ceetron’s tools will be integrated with HOOPS: “This acquisition is about making the HOOPS platform more attractive to a broader set of users in the engineering software world by enabling them to do everything they need to do with their CAD data.  As a component provider, there’s some important things to do to support the innovation that’s happening in this space.”

Tech Soft 3D says it will maintain and support Ceetron’s existing partners and will retain Ceetron’s staff.

Why is this so interesting? Earlier this year, Tech Soft 3D announced that it had secured an investment from Battery Ventures, a deep, deep pockets investor familiar with our space. Neither Tech Soft 3D nor Battery announced how big that investment was, nor what its parameter are — but it’s reasonable to presume that it bankrolled this acquisition. And one can also ask, what’s next?

Details of the acquisition are not disclosed but it sounds like a done deal.