FARO buys Traceable 3D

Aug 21, 2020 | Hot Topics

Superquick: FARO Technologies just announced that they’ve acquired Advanced Technical Solutions in Scandinavia AB (“ATS”), maker of Traceable 3D, which combines measurement, technology, and methodology in a single workflow. The point? Repeatable data capture and analysis of 3D point clouds in a traceable and reusable process to improve quality assessment. FARO plans to integrate this repeatable scan/analyze workflow into the FARO Webshare Cloud platform.

Michael Burger, FARO CEO said in a statement, “We believe this acquisition enables FARO with differentiated accuracy and speed, which we believe will accelerate the adoption of digital twin technology. High accuracy 3D digital twin simulations allow capital intensive industries such as automotive and aerospace to meaningfully reduce their time to market and cost.”

Price was not disclosed and it sounds like a done deal. (FARO is publicly traded so we may learn more at their next earnings release.)

Interesting. Many of the companies I speak with want to build more repeatable, consistent quality processes — adding this to FARO’s existing metrology offerings may be another step to hitting that target.