Super-quick: Altair snaps up polyurethane foaming simulation solution

Jul 27, 2020 | Hot Topics

A busy day ahead so this has to be quick: Altair just announced that it has acquired S&WISE, a Korea-based provider of polyurethane foaming simulation. I am not familiar with S&WISE, so have to rely on Altair’s press release which says that S&WISE “simulates the injection, foaming, and gelling processes, accounting for the important effects of chemical reactions during the process”.

Altair says the addition will enable it to “offer customers the most advanced solution for polyurethane foam processing on the market”, which means that customers will be able to verify manufacturability, reduce defects, and design accurate “accurate gating locations and feed rates”.

Altair’s CEO Jim Scapa explains that “polyurethane foam is used in a vast array of industries and products including automotive interiors, recreational equipment, and medical devices. S&WISE enables us to offer another critical manufacturing simulation and design solution to our customers.” Altair says that an “enhanced version of S&WISE’s solver will be released within Altair Inspire PolyFoam, providing the ease-of-use and productivity of other Inspire solutions”.

It’s interesting: Altair has been building out its Inspire platform’s manufacturing simulation capabilities, which now include mold design, casting, forming, extrusion, and additive manufacturing. We are getting ever-closer to a world where early-stage ideation can include designing specific materials to use for a part, including all of its material characteristics, cost profile trade-offs, and manufacturability. Of course, these can still be used to diagnose why something in the physical world went wrong, but the power is in applying these solutions far, far earlier, to come up with truly new products based on material design — it’s an exciting time.

Details of the transaction were not released, but we may learn a bit more when Altair announces results on August 7.