Super-quick: Siemens acquires Avatar Integrated Systems to add to Mentor portfolio

Jul 18, 2020 | Hot Topics

Siemens announced yesterday that it has will acquire Avatar Integrated Systems Inc., maker of place and route software for integrated circuit (IC) design. Avatar’s Aprisa is a “block-level place and route (P&R) system with placement, clock tree synthesis, routing, optimization and embedded analysis engines” while its Apogee is a “top-down floor planning and chip assembly tool that complements Aprisa”.

Siemens plans to add Aprisa and Apogee to Mentor’s IC solutions, integrating them with Calibre, Tessent, and Catapult.

Joseph Sawicki, EVP, Mentor IC EDA, said, “Avatar’s innovative software architecture, as well as a reputation for ease of use, helps customers overcome this complexity with advanced node place and route capability. The Avatar solution, backed by Siemens’ investment, will offer customers shorter time to design closure with better PPA results than existing competitive offerings”.

Notice the comment about investment — I am absolutely not an expert in EDA but even I know that the speed of innovation here is the critical differentiator, as consumers require ever smaller yet more powerful (while being more energy efficient) electronics.

Terms of the transaction are not disclosed, though Siemens did say that the acquisition is expected to close in the second half of 2020.