How you can help: support businesses that make PPEs

Apr 2, 2020 | Hot Topics

You don’t come here for politics, so we’ll leave all that aside, and point out that many businesses that are working to make personal protective equipment (PPEs), often without knowing if or how they’ll be paid. I found this article in the Boston Globe, which highlights

  • LL Bean, which is repurposing material for dog beds to make 5000 cloth face masks in a shift
  • New Balance, the athletic shoemaker, which is prototyping face masks to put through its production facilities
  • The high-end suit company Brooks Brothers, which is retooling to make masks and gowns — and plans to ramp to 150,000 masks a day across its facilities
  • UnWrapped Inc., a small local company that’s shifted from making reusable bags to masks … and more.

The article goes on to say that a coalition called Stop The Spread, “is trying to organize US companies to respond to the coronavirus pandemic”. If you make stuff, perhaps that’s a place to get hooked up to make a difference.

None of this is easy; there are rules and regs to follow to design and make suitable items and to ensure worker safety. The Globe says that in Massachusetts, the Manufacturing Emergency Response Team is trying to coordinate:

In the roughly two weeks since the state’s emergency team launched, more than 200 companies have expressed interest in adapting their manufacturing in some way to help the coronavirus fight, according to emergency response team officials. Only a handful are expected to get into mass production soon.

This all takes time, which we don’t have. But the more who try, the likelier we are to succeed.

When this is all over, whatever that new normal is, I plan to patronize the businesses that took initiative and either sought these projects or dreamed them up on their own.

What does your local news highlight? I bet there are similar stars in your area.

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