How you can help: Join the GrabCAD ventilator challenge

Apr 1, 2020 | Hot Topics

This just came in from Stratasys — can you help?

A dozen Boston area anesthesiology residents have launched an eight-week hackathon hosted on to design a rapidly deployable, minimum viable mechanical ventilator for patients with COVID-19-related ventilator-dependent lung injury. The CoVent-19 Challenge is open to teams and individuals anywhere, and finalists will work directly with Stratasys 3D printing experts and the CoVent-19 Challenge team to turn their designs into prototypes for testing.

According to the CoVent-19 Challenge page,

The CoVent-19 Challenge is an open innovation 8-week Grand Challenge for engineers, innovators, designers, and makers … We welcome all who are interested to join a two round challenge that aims to create CAD assemblies by May 1, 2020 (Round 1: General Admission) and functional prototypes demonstrating acceptable performance by June 1, 2020 (Round 2: Invitation Only).

The challenge starts today. For more info and to get involved, go to the CoVent-19 Challenge.

The title image is a shameless screencap from the Covent-19 Challenge website. I love the tagline, Innovate 2 Ventilate. A mouthful, but we instantly know what the point is.