How you can help: print PPEs with Carl Bass

Mar 30, 2020 | Hot Topics

I’ll add this to the master list in a moment, but don’t want this to get lost (and I haven’t figured out how to make that post stay on top, and and and):

Ray Kurland emailed me to say that Carl Bass (former CEO of Autodesk and maker extraordinaire) is printing hundreds (yup hundreds) of face shields in the San Francisco area. I reached out to Carl to see how we could help, and here’s what I heard back::

I have had a ton of people reaching out willing to donate time and money which is absolutely fantastic. What I need most is people letting me know of places where nurses, doctors and staff don’t have the PPE they need

Also, anyone who wants to do the same can have the plans etc

You can reach Carl by going to @carlbass on Twitter.

Ray, thanks for letting me know about this. If anyone else knows of a project in need of help, shoot me an email and we’ll get the word out. If you can help one of the projects, please reach out to its lead via the contact mechanism on the list.

Cmon, people, we can DO this.

UPDATE 31 March: Carl is working on an Instructable for people who want to make face shields and sent this address for hospitals that need shields: 

The title image is shamelessly stolen from Carl’s Twitter feed, @carlbass.