Altair says PollEx bridges the gap between mechanical and electrical

Oct 10, 2019 | Hot Topics

As I noted earlier today, Altair will be acquiring Polliwog to expand its EDA portfolio to printed circuit board (PCB) design and analysis. We learned a bit more about Polliwog (though not why the whimsical name, which is of course the most important part of this whole thing – kidding) during today’s presentations:

CEO Jim Scapa said that Polliwog “fits seamlessly into electronics design environments that use any of the leading ECAD PCB design solutions” and that its solutions “are a perfect fit for simulation-driven design”. He said that Polliwog’s “PollEx [Modeler, the solution that imports and transfers PCB design data from ECAD to simulation] shares Altair’s open system philosophy and delivers innovative and practical solutions.”

CTO Solvers, Uwe Schramm told us that Polliwog will sit alongside existing brands Feko (for signal integrity), HyperSpice (power integrity), ElectroFlo and AcuSolve (thermal) and OptiStruct and SimSolid (MCAE). I believe these integrations are available now power integrity, which will be out in early 2020.

In a video Mr. Schramm showcased a who’s who of the Korean electronics market, with a number of positive statements from users about Polliwog and the combination with Altair from Polliwog customers including Samsung and LG Electronics. The customers talked about being able to do things with Polliwog at the speed their design programs changed, which wasn’t possible with other tools, and about its practicality and usability.

Here ( is a video about the deal and more extensive descriptions of Polliwog’s products.