Quickie: DS invests in BioSerenity telehealth startup

Jun 18, 2019 | Hot Topics

Hot on the heels of its planned acquisition of Medidata, Dassault Systèmes announced that it is the lead investor in a €65 million Series B financing round for BioSerenity, a startup developing telehealth solutions. BioSerenity combines textiles, wearable sensors and online services to build a solution that diagnoses and monitors chronic conditions.



Why do this? Because humans can’t be relied upon to accurately report what’s going on. Just think of the last time you tried to track your calorie intake — did you measure every morsel, or did you guess? Sensors take the guesswork and self-reporting off the table and ensure that doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and others get accurate data, with the goal of giving the patient the most appropriate care. It’s human-centric IoT.



BioSerenity says it will use the funds from this round develop its solutions “beyond their initial focus on cardiovascular, neurology and sleep disorders, to grow its business internationally, and to develop new solutions for telemedicine”. In exchange for participating in the round, DS gets a seat on BioSerenity’s board of directors.