Always trying to make things better …

A while ago, web browsers started identifying unsafe websites, and put in that category because we didn’t have a valid SSL certificate. We got that sorted but the site was still deemed unsafe. Turns out the something conflicted with the otherthing — way beyond my pay grade– but is now fixed.

We’ve also been watching Google kill off ancillary activities and are concerned about the future of Feedburner, the service we use to enable readers to receive Hot Topics (this blog) in via email. Feedburner is activated via the envelope icon on the upper right of the blog pages.

Since Feedburner might disappear, we’ve added WordPress’ subscription service just underneath the contact/email icons — it’s the Hot Topics to your Inbox section in the right column of most pages. I actually like it better because the posts come to my inbox as soon as they’re published rather than at some random time, as with Feedburner.

Please let us know via the Contact form if you run into any difficulties with the site!