Quickie: Siemens adds to wire harness offering by acquiring COMSA & LDorado

Dec 4, 2018 | Hot Topics

Siemens just announced it is acquiring COMSA Computer und Software GmbH, developer of electrical systems design and wire harness engineering software.

I was not aware of Its LDorado suite, but Siemens says it is the leader in harness design and engineering software among the German automotive OEMs, with “deep local expertise and market presence with a well-established product portfolio and strong emphasis on standards”.

COMSA’s LDorado will extend the (former Mentor, now) Siemens’ Capital offering from electrical/electronic architecture development through electrical systems design and service into wire harness design and manufacture.

Tony Hemmelgarn, president and CEO of Siemens PLM Software, said in the press release, “The acquisition of COMSA is part of Siemens’ continued investment in technology for the automotive industry. The combination of Siemens and COMSA solutions and specialist staff is unrivaled in the industry. Together, we will take electrical systems and harness engineering to the new levels needed to meet the demands of electric and autonomous vehicle development, and provide deeply integrated technical capabilities that will benefit COMSA and Siemens customers worldwide.”

It sounds like a done deal and terms were not disclosed.