SAP, ANSYS and digital twins (oh my)

Jul 30, 2018 | Hot Topics

I find it fascinating that SAP is pushing so hard on physics-based IoT capabilities, when it could more naturally come at IoT from the perspective of business analytics. Its partnership with ANSYS is another big step in that direction, adding more solvers and a CAE-look front-end to companies working through CAD/CAE-production-maintenance workflows. But the challenge remains: how to explain this to the C-suite. Why keep current models that now discarded? Is this only for new facilities, or can existing production lines benefit? Why should they even consider this, aside from the buzz?

I was recently interviewed, along with ANSYS’ Sin Min Yap and SAP’s Vatsan Govindarajan, for an article that tries to answer some of these questions. A bit of the piece, written by SAP’s Richard Howells:

Digital twins are on everyone’s mind these days. And it’s no wonder, considering the widespread benefits they provide.

These digital representations allow businesses to evaluate the real-time working conditions of physical objects. They enable companies to remotely monitor products and assets – empowering them to quickly detect and fix issues if something goes wrong as well as to make design improvements to future releases.

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