Nemetschek NEVARIS addresses SMB construction with acquisition

Jun 15, 2018 | Hot Topics

I am at HxGN Live, the Hexagon user event that addresses the needs of many industries, including construction. From measuring how well a concrete floor has been poured to planning, scheduling and tracking progress, Hexagon’s customers span the gamut in construction. We’ll cover all that is HxGN LIVE in a later post buttrust me:  construction IT is truly a hot topic right now. So it’s fitting that today, Nemetschek announced that its NEVARIS subsidiary has acquired GmbH for on-site construction management, such as time tracking, project management and construction site documentation.

Many people I spoke with here at HxGN LIVE need to do just those things as part of systemic efforts to improve efficiency, reduce risk, cut cost and/or time. Constructors need to improve their services delivery to asset owners and the owners themselves want more predictability across their project portfolio.

Mobile is a big part of this. Hexagon offers Smart Build (more on that to come);123erfasst does as well. The concept of an app connected to a data store that’s constantly updated isn’t new, but it is finally making it onto the job site. According to Nemetschek, the 123erfasst app records and transmits performance, location, materials, equipment usage, and photos to document in real time what is happening on a job site. This can simplify and speed up the costing, billing and payroll.

Patrik Heider of the Nemetschek Group said of the acquisition that “with t[his] software, construction projects can be planned, conducted and completed in 5D, i.e. including the dimensions time and cost. By acquiring, NEVARIS is further expanding its leading market position and becoming an indispensable part of the digital construction site.”

Most of the solutions on the market today either target the global construction companies, doing mega projects or very specific workflows. Neither is ideal for a project that’s a single school or small shopping arcade. NEVARIS says this acquisition will expand its customer base to the small and medium-sized construction companies that carry out these more modest (but far greater in number) projects. Daniel Csillag, CEO of NEVARIS, said that “the acquisition of is a milestone in the company’s history and an important step towards a digital construction site. Our focus is on creating a first-class, end-to-end solution for our customers. Mobile construction site management complements our market-leading technologies for construction management tasks perfectly and seamlessly. This is unique in the market “.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it appears to be completed.