Hexagon CEO’s legal saga continues

May 10, 2018 | Hot Topics

Hexagon announced on Wednesday that the Norwegian Court of Appeal has decided to accept the appeal launched by the Norwegian economic crime authority of CEO Ola Rollén’s unanimous acquittal in January on charges of insider trading. This apparently isn’t as bad as it sounds, nor is it unexpected, as Mr. Rollén’s attorney said that 100% of such requests for appeal are granted.

Hexagon’s board reaffirmed its support of Mr. Rollén, with the chairman saying, “I speak on behalf of the Board and everyone else who has supported Ola since the beginning of this ordeal that we stand united with him. This decision doesn’t change anything; thus, Ola will continue as Hexagon’s President and CEO with the Board’s full support.”

Today’s announcement is here and a formal court document about the whole case is here. I wrote about the acquittal in January, here.

It sounds like business as usual, albeit with a bit of distraction.