Quickie: New AVEVA names new CEO — and he’s from PTC

Feb 1, 2018 | Hot Topics

Small world. AVEVA today announced that PTC’s Craig Hayman will become CEO of the entity that will be created once the merger of AVEVA and Schneider Electric’s software business has completed. Mr. Hayman starts on February 19, so the close seems imminent. AVEVA’s current CEO, James Kidd, becomes deputy CEO and chief financial officer — a planned change.

You probably know Mr. Hayman from PTC, where he was Chief Operating Officer (COO). Before becoming COO, Mr. Hayman led the  Solutions Group, where he was responsible for reviving all of the non-IoT businesses — and I think he did a credible job of refocusing interest within PTC and the customer base on Creo, Mathcad and the other not-shiny-new-thing products. In part, he did this by figuring out how to connect these products, where relevant, into the new-shiny, such as the Navigate hooks from Windchill (PLM) to THingWorx (IoT).

My impression of Mr. Hayman is that he’s a good, reliable software industry management guy — not a plant design or process industry guy. And I think that’s a good thing: he will be taking over an entity with quite a few software assets that are loosely (if at all) connected. He’s going to be asking the right questions about what makes sense to connect, what’s duplicative, how to move forward with technology refreshes. He has no “it’s always been this way” for these products or this market.

PTC hasn’t said what it plans to do about replacing Mr. Hayman — it created the role for him and might not seek a replacement. We shall see. But it’s a solid move for AVEVA as it moves into this new, much bigger arena.