Super-quick: ANSYS acquires 3DSIM for additive

Nov 15, 2017 | Hot Topics

ANSYS just announced that  it has acquired 3DSIM, a developer of additive manufacturing simulation technology to bolster ANSYS’ additive manufacturing simulation workflow. Deal terms were not disclosed but it sounds like a done deal.

3DSIM’s exaSIM identifies residual stress, distortions and build failures in 3D printed metal parts — the point being to cut the need for test parts, which can be prohibitively expensive and take too much time in a design cycle. I am less familiar with 3DSIM’s FLEX , which ANSYS says helps 3D printing users find the best process parameters for a given additive manufacturing machine and material combination.

Shane Emswiler, ANSYS VP said in prepared remarks that “[a]dditive manufacturing is changing the way companies are bringing products to market, and 3DSIM is helping to lead the way through its innovative solutions. By bringing exaSIM and FLEX onto our Workbench platform, ANSYS can offer customers the only end-to-end additive manufacturing simulation workflow available. That will spark innovation, speed time to market and reduce manufacturing costs for our customers across industries.”

3DSIM CEO Brent Stucker added, “We are excited to become part of the ANSYS family with its nearly 50-year history of helping customers realize their product promise. Combining 3DSIM’s leading additive manufacturing technology with ANSYS engineering simulation solutions will be a win-win for our customers and the entire industry.”