Quick add to AVEVA + Schneider

Sep 6, 2017 | Hot Topics

A couple of people have gotten in touch about yesterday’s post, where I asked whether third time’s the charm for an AVEVA/Schneider Electric software deal. It’s important to note that:

The only thing that could derail this combination now is if AVEVA’s shareholders vote against it or someone comes in to offer a better deal. The last two attempts at this were announced while AVEVA and Schneider were still figuring out the deal itself; that’s done now, and is unlikely to change. There is a breakup fee associated with the deal, but that’s standard in these things and we shouldn’t read too much into it. I suppose regulators could step in, too, but can’t think of an anti-competitive aspect to the deal — but all will be made clear in the coming weeks.

So, yes, I think the third time will be lucky here.

AVEVA published its prospectus overnight; it’s here. Happy reading!