Quickie: ANSYS continues to roll, Q2 revenue up 7%

Aug 3, 2017 | Hot Topics

ANSYS reported last night that Q2 revenue was up 7% as reported (up 8% in constant currencies) to $264 million. Software revenue was up 6% to of $150 million, while maintenance and services revenue was up 9% to $114.0 million. ANSYS continues to see significant demand for lease, with revenue of $92 million, up 11%. Revenue from perpetual licenses was $58 million, flat-ish with last year. Giving customers this choice is key, since simulation programs have peaks and valleys in many companies, where staffing up and down is a needed flexibility.

Even so, ANSYS was able to close 28 7-figure deals in Q2, including 4 in excess of $5 million and 1 in excess of $10 million. For the year so far, ANSYS reports closing 67 deals over $1 million, including 9 over $5 million and 2 over $10 million. Let’s talk about that for a second: this is huge. Aside from the revenue impact, these are deal sizes we usually see in the CAD world, where there are a lot of users and roles whole need access to the technology. In CAE, the user numbers are typically smaller although the price per seat can be significantly higher. These big deals point out how diverse ANSYS’ portfolio is–with solutions from fluids to EDA, from near entry-level to super-advanced, from single physics to co-simulation/multiphysics to big data analytics, and from true CAE to simulation data management–and how well ANSYS is able to sell this portfolio into large enterprise customers.

More after the earnings call.