Quickie: DS catches Boeing, reports Q2 revenue up

Jul 26, 2017 | Hot Topics

Dassault Systemes, never shy about wins, folded an announcement that Boeing will be adopting the 3D EXPERIENCE platform across its commercial aviation, space, and defense divisions. That’s likely a big, big deal financially and from a marketing/spin perspective, once the implementation ramps up next year. More to come on this.

Some of the earnings details:

  • Total revenue in Q2 was €806 million, up 7% as reported and up 6% in constant currencies (cc)
  • Software revenue was €719 million, up 7% (up 6% cc) while services revenue was €88 million, up 4% (up 3% cc)
  • Within the software category, new license and software-related revenue was €212 million, up 9% cc and maintenance and subscription revenue was €511 million, up 8% cc
  • By brand, SOLIDWORKS led the way, with software revenue up 16% as reported and 14% cc to €177 million. Revenue in the Other bucket was €212 million, up 11% as reported; ENOVIA revenue was up 3% to€84 million, and CATIA revenue was up 2% to €250 million. DS’ prepared materials say that SOLIDWORKS saw “strong growth in new licenses revenue”, CATIA reported “double-digit new license revenue growth in North America and Europe, offset by a lower contribution most notably from China”. Growth in Other Software was led by QUINTIQ, and not SIMULIA. Food for thought.
  • By geo, revenue from the Americas was €224 million, up 8% in cc; from Europe was €297 million, up 6% cc; and from Asia, up 4% to €197 million.

Lots more here, on DS’ website. More after I listen to the earnings call.