Quickie: Nemetschek hit record revenue in 2016

Jan 27, 2017 | Hot Topics

Nemetschek just announced preliminary results for 2016 — and they’re solid. Revenue was around €337 million, at the low end of the company’s earlier guidance but still up 18% over 2015. We don’t have any real detail about Q4 but through the first nine months of 2016, organic revenue had been up 15% over the same period in 2015 while total revenue was up 19% year/year. If Q4 was like the preceding three, it was indeed a good year at Nemetschek.

Patrik Heider, Group CFOO and spokesman, said that “Nemetschek Group looks back on an outstanding 2016 financial year … we were able to further increase our profitability to a major degree and set new records in terms of revenue and earnings. This shows the inner strength of our Group.”

It also reflects more accurately how the AEC market is doing. As far as I know, Nemetschek isn’t undergoing the same license model transition as other AECish vendors so its organic revenue reflects an apples-to-apples growth pattern. Autodesk’s license model change is mostly responsible for the AEC market looking like it’s slowing and that’s simply not the case. But, math …

Nemetschek’s final numbers are still being tallied; formal results are due on March 31, 2017.