ESI buys Mineset big data analytics from SGI

Feb 8, 2016 | Hot Topics

ESI today announced that it is acquiring Mineset Inc., a big data visual analytics and machine-learning specialist, from SGI. [Recall that ESI acquired OpenCFD Ltd, owner of the OpenFOAM Trademark, from SGI in 2012. — Ed.]

Mineset bills itself as “beautiful, simple, and fast. Machine learning without coding”, having “developed a visual analytics platform that tightly integrates advanced visualization with machine-learning technology. Available through an easy-to-use Cloud-based web browser interface, the product has been specifically designed for non-programming professionals in order to efficiently address a broad user base.”

ESI’s CEO Alain de Rouvray says that Mineset complements the recent Picviz Labs acquisition for big data mining. By combining PicViz’s data correlation detection with Mineset’s pattern recognition, and linking both with ESI’s simulation solutions “provides a new transformative process and source of value creation, particularly in the traditional Virtual Engineering domain. While the exponential growth of the information and communication technologies finds an accelerated usage in all economic domains, it also generates massive amounts of data. This trend imposes a critical pressure … to link virtual simulation models to the real world data of the Internet of Things. To innovate effectively and competitively, it has become mandatory to generate a multitude of virtual models and to compare them between themselves and versus real world information. Making immediate sense of the exponential flux of big data has become an imperative … This combination of talent and technology, building on other recent acquisitions, will contribute to revolutionize the field of simulation results analytics, with extensions such as predictive maintenance and cyber-security. We trust that it will position ESI to usher in with confidence the age of the Internet of Everything”.

By the way, PicViz has been rebranded as INENDI (INvestigate, ENvision and DIscover).

ESI will acquire 100% of Mineset’s capital for an undisclosed amount, financed through bank debt.  All 10 members of Mineset’s development team will be joining ESI.